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2-Bay Truck Wash

Come for the low gas and diesel prices but stay for the great services!  We have a huge 2-bay truck wash that accommodates all rigs and the best price of any truck wash in Soutehrn California. A clean rig is a happy rig, just ask the highway patrol.  Clean trucks are less likely to get pulled into secondary inspection than a dirty truck we are told!

Truck Net, LLC is the one stop/truck stop service location in all of San Diego county for truck drivers, professional drivers, and leisure drivers. Established in 1997 we are a service oriented business, meeting and exceeding our customers expectations. Our commitment is to deliver and provide the highest hospitality service and quality products to all of our customers 7/24. Our property is on 17 acres of staging area and has for your convenience 10 pumps for diesel, 1 pump for red dyed diesel and 34 pumps for gasoline